The Plan

Church on the Rise has set aside a special weekend just for individuals like you to experience a life-changing encounter with God. We believe that when a person encounters God, he/she will encounter change.

Hundreds of people just like you have attended these dynamic Encounter weekends and have walked away with tremendous testimonies of how God has transformed their lives!  We all struggle today with issues in our past which has affected our daily lives and our relationship with God and others.

At Encounter Weekends, you will be taught how to break free from your past and how to discover the joy of your new lives in the Lord.

Encounter the Power of the Cross

God wants YOU to be Totally Free!
Come get your JOY back
Come be healed from your past wounds and mistakes
Come find your purpose
Come to the Cross and be refreshed

Come be free from:

Fear | Anxiety
Shame | Co-Dependency
Guilt | Body Image
Depression | Past Wounds/Abuse

Experience FREEDOM in Christ in a safe, loving environment